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I am beyond elated that my single "Effortlessly" has surpassed 100K streams on Spotify!

In fact, I'm so thrilled I'm feeling generous. Follow me on                and message me for an exclusive sneak peak at my new song. 

Effortlessly artwork.jpg

My single "Effortlessly" will be released on November 11!

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My single "Stay" is out!

Stream now on all platforms 


Chuffed to announce two festival selections for my poetry film "For Amy"!

You can read and watch it below.

For my directorial debut, I made a poetry film to mark the 10th anniversary of Amy Winehouse's death. Her music continues to inspire me and define me musically to this day, so this project is really close to my heart.

You can read the poem here:


Written, Directed, Edited & Performed by me
Shot by Stephanie Abbott-Grobicki
Music by Jerold Chu

One of my poems, “Before the Fall”, has been kindly featured by the new and exciting female-led and -focused theatre company Very Rascals Productions for their May Spotlight.


You can listen to it 

My new writer/actor friend from the neighbouring USA Kassandra Perez and I wrote and shot a little film, and we'd love it if you could give it a watch.

'The Runner' is a fictional film based on real events surrounding the Flint water crisis of 2014-2019 in Michigan. The film aims to raise awareness about the drinking water contamination plaguing The United States, and point out the racial biases and disparities underlying that crisis. 

The film was shot as part of the #T2Challenge for


My talented friend, flatmate and fellow actress Stephanie Greenwood and I filmed a 5-part Web-series in our home, in a quest to keep ourselves creative during lockdown.

We’re pretty proud of what we’ve created, given that it was our filmmaking debut, but it’s fair to say it was a learning curve!

I have a long week of editing ahead, but then “Homemade” episodes will be released weekly here and on my YouTube channel (

By Lumosia

Some exciting news in the midst of all the Corona madness; I’m super chuffed to announce that I’m now represented by

Dee Boss Talent Management as an actor and model.


Can’t wait to oust this virus and get to work!

ΣΗΜΑ poster final 2.jpg
no 1.jpg

Absolutely honoured and delighted to be sharing the stage with top jazz pianist Dimitris Kalantzis and his quartet at ΣΗΜΑ, in Athens, Greece on Sunday, January 19, 2020. 


Free entry!

Address: ΣΗΜΑ, Ισαύρων 29γ, 114 72 Athens, Greece

I’m over the moon to be playing a late set at the Vortex on Friday, June 21st,

as part of their monthly late-night Grass Roots event.

My trio features the marvellous Jerold Chu on keys

and Martin Young on bass. 



Entry £4

Don't miss it!

Tickets and more info at


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